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Does Labour really have an “alternative” Brexit plan?

The Labour Party opposes the Brexit deal, and claims to have an “alternative” plan. Open Europe’s Aarti Shankar and Dominic Walsh assess how different Labour’s policy is to the deal, the different views within the party, and whether it genuinely constitutes a viable alternative plan.

The Labour Party is expected to vote against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal when it returns to the House of Commons for the “meaningful vote” next month.  Indeed, Shadow Cabinet Minister Angela Rayner said on Question Time last week that there was “no circumstance in which [Labour] could support that deal.”

Labour has instead set out its “alternative” proposal, which includes:

  • A permanent customs union, to “remove the threat” of the Irish backstop
  • A “new, strong relationship with the single market”
  • Guarantees not to fall behind EU social and environmental protections

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