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Donations and loans received by political parties and non-party campaigners in the UK in fourth weekly pre-poll report published

£4,240,897  in donations and £9,171 in loans to political parties have been reported to the Electoral Commission in the fourth weekly pre-poll report, published ahead of the UK Parliamentary general election on 12 December.

This compares to £2,296,189 in donations reported in the fourth weekly pre-poll report before the 2017 general election.

In the four pre-poll donations reports published prior to polling day, political parties in the UK reported receiving a combined total of £24,849,324  in donations.

Prior to the UK Parliamentary general election on 12 December, registered political parties must submit four weekly reports setting out the donations and loans over £7,500 that they have received between 6 November and 3 December 2019. Two further reports must be submitted after polling day for the period 4 December to 12 December 2019.

Registered non-party campaigners must also submit weekly donation reports setting out the donations they have received over £7,500. This information will be published alongside the political parties’ donations and loans reports.

This is the first UK Parliamentary general election to take place since legislation was introduced to allow information on donations and loans in Northern Ireland to be published. This is therefore the first general election that pre-poll donations and loans reports have been published for parties and non-party campaigners in Northern Ireland. 

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