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Don’t get caught out with Blue Badge scams

The Welsh Government is warning of scam websites that are charging people to apply for a Blue Badge, which is otherwise available for free 

The Blue Badge is available to disabled people to allow them  free parking and access to services and facilities. It can be applied for through a local authority or the GOV.UK website and the process is completely free in Wales.

But some unscrupulous websites have been set-up and charging fees of around £50 for processing people’s applications. All they do is carry out the same simple application process that applicants can do themselves online or via their local authority.

Minister for Transport Edwina Hart said:

“The Blue Badge Scheme is there to help disabled people  overcome some of the barriers they face when accessing jobs, shops and other important services. The scheme is completely free and I am outraged that some people are trying to exploit, often vulnerable, people by making out that they need to pay a fee to access this scheme.

We need to work together to stop the proliferation of websites like these. Don’t get caught out by websites charging fees go direct to your local authority or GOV.UK to apply for free, and if you know anyone who needs a Blue Badge please warn them about this scam.”

You can find out if your eligible and apply for a Blue Badge by contacting your local authority, at the GOV.UK website or by calling the Blue Badge Information System on 0844 463 0215.


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