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Don’t let yourself be a statistic of a sedentary lifestyle, say GetOutside Champions

Change your life and make 2018 your year to GetOutside

With two of its champions preparing to climb Mount Everest later this year, the message from the latest intake of OS GetOutside Champions is to beat the sedentary lifestyle.

At their unveiling event in Brockenhurst, New Forest, the group of 60 said that people should follow the ambition of their fellow Champions Ben Fogle and Kenton Cool’s planned Everest expedition, and find time in 2018 to be adventurous outdoors.

OS has selected its Champions to promote the many benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle. Nick Giles, Ordnance Survey, said: “The GetOutside initiative is core to OS’s aims to help more people to GetOutside more often, it is about inspiring adventures, enabling experiences and helping make memories. It’s already encouraging people to re-engage with the outdoors and showing that it is enjoyable, accessible and safe for all ages and abilities.

“We all know the statistics. The shocking levels of obesity and inactivity within Great Britain, even amongst children. A sedentary lifestyle is easy, and it’s winning, and we’re seeing the effects of that on people’s mental and physical health. We appreciate people have busy lives and responsibilities, and that finding the time is not always easy, but we can all incorporate getting outside into our daily routines.”

OS has more than 200 years’ experience of making maps that have helped generations enjoy their nation. Two years ago, OS launched its GetOutside initiative after research showed British people are walking less. The results suggested a quarter of the British public won’t walk anywhere that takes more than 15 minutes and three quarters of us don’t walk to work or the shops. GetOutside and its champions now inspires over one million people a month to enjoy the great outdoors.

Five tips to getting outside

  1. Make time to GetOutside. This may be stealing 15 minutes here and there every day. Encouraging colleagues to conduct meetings while you walk. Walking or cycling to work. Or incorporating into your weekly schedule a few hours a week for time outdoors.
  2. Don’t let the weather stop you. Dress appropriately; take the right kit; keep within your ability. The GetOutside website has plenty of advice on what to wear, what to take and how to stay safe.
  3. Keep motivated. Joining a club, a team or taking part in a challenge gives the outdoors a social aspect and brings in a strong motivational factor of not wanting to let yourself and others down.
  4. Encourage others to GetOutside with you. Be it family, friends or the wider community, a walk and talk can be stimulating in different ways, and again the social aspect and not wanting to let others down can be crucial in helping you establish the good habit of getting outside.
  5. Plan. Explore our wonderful nation. It’s packed full of history, it’s a beautiful and varied landscape with much to see and do. To help you get the most out of your time outside, identify in advance where you are going and what you would like to see. If you’re unable to venture too far, or are visiting a place you don’t know, the free OS Maps app shows you the greenspaces near you and has over a million routes to explore.

For more information and to find your inspiration visit: http://www.getoutside.uk


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