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Drone technology for the blue light sector

This blog discusses the capability and benefits of drone technology for emergency services as more providers are turning to drones to deliver essential supplies and many other uses.

Today, more and more emergency service providers are turning to drones to deliver essential supplies and care in critical situations. The thought of “ambulance drones” and “flying firefighters” was once inconceivable, but is now very much a reality. Drones enhance capability, mitigate risk significantly and are a cost effective way to provide critical services. For example, ambulance drones are much more affordable and require fewer people to operate.

Many emergency service departments across the country have been using drone technology since 2014. Drones come with a variety of benefits, making them a transformative technology for any emergency response team. These include delivering life saving equipment rapidly to remote access areas, essential medicines to homes and blood and tissue to hospitals for use in major traffic accidents. They are also used to manage fires, fight crime and assist with crowd control at major events. 

Adding drones is a great way to modernise your emergency response fleet and make your organisation more resilient, efficient, and flexible.  

Supporting digital transformation

At Crown Commercial Service (CCS) we’re at the forefront of developing cutting-edge commercial technology agreements and solutions for government departments and the wider public sector. We’re experts in delivering procurement solutions across the full remit of blue light requirements. 

Our Space Enabled and Geospatial Dynamic Purchasing System is a new agreement covering the broad scope of the space-enabled technology market, including the geospatial ecosystem. Through it the public sector can access almost any relevant and commercially available product or service in this area. 

The scope of the agreement includes a range of products and services that will specifically benefit the blue light sector. Examples include remote sensing or monitoring services which enable continuous or specific collection of data, and drones or counter drone technology, that operate in the air, on land, or in water to monitor, photograph or transport items.

Let us add power to your procurement

To find out how CCS can help you with your specific requirements take a look at our Space Enabled and Geospatial Dynamic Purchasing System or contact one of our experts.

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