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ESPO Modular Building Solutions Framework

ESPO's Modular Buildings framework (953) has been set up to assist the public sector in procuring modular buildings for virtually all purposes.

We have incorporated dedicated Lots covering modular buildings for education, healthcare, catering and accommodation all with the option to either hire or purchase depending on your procurement needs. We have an additional Lot for ‘other’ modular buildings designed to cover all other popular requirements including but not limited to office, storage and portable bathrooms.

What's better is that our framework is free-to-access, fully EU compliant and all of the suppliers have been pre-approved by our team of procurement professionals.

What are the benefits of going modular?

  • Flexibility of Design and Aesthetics: Buildings can be easily modified, extended or relocated
  • Reduced Construction Time: Construction is not weather dependent as units are assembled in a factory
  • Minimal Site Disruption: Less time and materials are needed on site than when contructing traditional buildings
  • Consistent Quality: Each unit is built in a factory controlled environment
  • Environmental Benefits: Less vehicle movements to and from site reduces environmental impact
  • Options to Buy or Hire: Buildings can be purchased or hired to suit your procurement needs

Ease of use and flexibility

One of our key objectives during the procurement of this framework was to consider the ease of use and flexibility for our customers. As a result, we can offer the option to select a supplier via direct award or further competition and we are able to provide guidance throughout the process as well as template documents to speed up the process. View our dedicated framework page here to find out more.

How-to guide

The prospect of undertaking such a project can be daunting but professional procurement support is always on hand from ESPO. We have also created a handy guide below to help navigate these projects. Click here to read the full guide and find out more about the framework.

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