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ESPO launch new framework for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing

ESPO has launched a new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing framework (144), as a successor to the previous framework. This new version offers a wider range of equipment and clothing, and has been and expanded into new dedicated lots for health and social care, police and fire services.

With a total of 23 suppliers offered on the framework, customers have a wide range of choices to suit their needs. In addition, the suppliers have been split into more lots making it even simpler to use. Lot seven offers the highest number of suppliers making it easier to conduct further competitions.

This framework is free to access, EU and UK procurement regulation compliant, and contains pre-agreed terms & conditions. There are two ways of purchasing from this framework:

  • Call-off without competition
  • Further competition

Customers are able to purchase from the published price schedule, or can access a wider range of PPE and clothing from the suppliers’ ranges via further competitions.

For more information about this framework please contact:

David Johnston

0116 294 4164

Notes to the editor

ESPO framework number 144, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing, launched on 07 September 2015 and is available to use nationally. The end date is 06 September 2018. Further information and full documentation can be found here.

ESPO is a public sector owned professional buying organisation, offering a catalogue of products, a wide range of framework agreements, specialist procurement projects and free advice. For more information please visit, or to get in touch please email or visit ESPO's Contact page.


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