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ESPO launches new Toxicology Services framework

ESPO's Toxicology Services solution (framework 3057) went live on 1 February 2017 and will be in place for a three year period up to 31 January 2020, with the option to extend for an additional year.

The framework provides public sector bodies and their individual departments with access to toxicology testing services for Pathologists on behalf of H.M. Coroner. These services allow for the testing of blood ethanol, blood drug, urine ethanol, blood drug, cyanide, carbon monoxide and other substances including, but not limited to, Acylcarnitine, Amino Acids, Glucose, Insulin, C-peptide and Acetone. The services can be accessed on our framework either by direct award or by running a further competition.
To ensure that our solution is suitable for the needs of the public sector authorities and their Pathologists, ESPO has undertaken extensive stakeholder engagement. A range of potential users and service providers, alongside the Chief Coroner and renowned experts within the market, contributed to better understand the complex nature of the toxicology services.
Alongside the provided testing services, the framework offers additional services such as APT training, hospital samples or retrieval of admission bloods, and inquest and court attendance.

For further information please read the full article on the ESPO website.

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