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ESPO's new and improved Commercial Catering Equipment framework (98) is now live

Whether you’re accommodating 500 students, hosting an event or looking to upgrade your office canteen, catering equipment for the public sector needs to be procured in a reliable and regulated manner to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Including everything from preparation equipment to food transport and storage, Framework 98 offers a vast range of products and service from trusted suppliers who have been checked on everything from quality and financial stability to sustainability and social values.  

The framework is split into 5 distinct Lots:

Catering Equipment 


  • Prime Cooking Equipment
  • Ware-washing Equipment
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Heated, Ambient and Refrigerated Display
  • Food Transport
  • Food Preparation Equipment
  • Beverage Equipment
  • General Fabrication, Shelving and Storage
  • Extraction and Ventilation
  • Food Waste and Disposal Equipment

Light Catering Equipment 


  • Bakeware items such as cooling racks, muffin trays, loaf tins etc.
  • Crockery and cutlery and kitchen knives 
  • Table service products including baskets, deli bowls, heated serving dishes etc. 
  • Glassware items such as bowls, wine glasses, measuring jugs etc. 
  • Catering trolleys
  • Large range of kitchen utensils
  • Cook ware items such as stainless steel or aluminium pans etc. 
  • Food storage items 

Maintenance Services for Commercial Catering Equipment


  • Maintenance ranging from reactive and preventative maintenance services to fully comprehensive packages
  • Advice on the legislative checks e.g. gas/electrical safety checks and CO2 readings
  • Advice on best practice for your kitchen environment 

Catering Consumables


  • Cling film, foils & parchment
  • Takeaway hot and cold cups & lids
  • Disposable cutlery & stirrers
  • Food-to-go containers
  • Food packaging and labelling
  • Kitchen hygiene products
  • Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable products

Turnkey Kitchen Solutions 


  • Suppliers specialising in the design, supply and installation of commercial kitchens, dining rooms, café areas etc.
  • Option to include additional services such as on-going maintenance, advice and on-site training


This framework offers the following benefits:

  Features a wide selection of suppliers ranging from, SMEs to brand manufacturers and large national distributors.

  Easy Access to supplier price files that facilitates a Simple call-off process that enables customers to set up supply arrangements quickly and simply.

  Suppliers have been tested for their commitment to ensuring their services are delivered in a sustainable manner accounting for environmental, economic and social factors.

  Looking to reduce plastic waste in your catering service? Some suppliers have been tested for their commitment to innovation and ensuring that their product offerings meet industry and consumer led trends towards environmental sustainability.

Why Use Espo?

We always work with one objective in mind – making your procurement process as quick and simple as possible! When sourcing your products and services through this framework you can be sure that they are:


Fully compliant

All frameworks are compliant with UK procurement regulations, making the process stress-free and efficient, ensuring you have peace of mind.

Trusted suppliers

Customer satisfaction, finances, social values and much more are checked prior to awarding service providers a position on our frameworks.

Get In Touch 

If you have any questions or would like further information on this framework please get in touch with the Food and Catering team on 0116 294 4008 or

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