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EU Cohesion policy: Commission announces the winners of the REGIOSTARS Awards 2022

The Commission yesterday announced the winners of the 2022 REGIOSTARS Awards for the best Cohesion Policy supported projects in the EU. To celebrate the Awards' 15th anniversary, 15 projects were nominated among finalists and winners of the past editions. A group of young journalists made short documentaries on how the projects have evolved since their REGIOSTARS nominations.

After a public vote, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira presented the awards to the winners at a ceremony in Evora, Portugal:

  • The first place went to the ‘rehabilitation and restoration' project of Cittadella Gozo, in Malta. The project restored and rehabilitated internal structures in the walls of the ancient and fortified city. Today, thanks to the new visitor centre and better accessibility, this impressive landmark will attract more tourists than ever, exploiting its potential to the fullest.  
  • The second place was attributed to an e-Schools pilot project. This project provided ICT equipment and digital education tools to 151 primary and secondary schools in Croatia. It helped 10% of the country's schools raising their competencies in the areas of ICT for teaching and learning. With ongoing support and training for teachers and principals, the project's comprehensive approach ensured long-term sustainability.           
  • The third place went to ‘PICSA Sustainable Construction Programme in Andalusia'. This project helped reinvigorating the building sector in Andalusia, Spain, by introducing energy saving and more renewable energy in existing buildings. The project also improved the competitiveness of local construction companies and reduced energy poverty of low-income families. 

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