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EU Presidents lay out priorities for future of Europe

EP President Sassoli: “Without rules, the strongest will prevail and the weakest will be excluded”.

President Sassoli, in his replies to journalists after the statement, recently said:

“Ask yourselves this: why does everyone want to divide us today? Because when there are common rules, we live better and defend those who are weaker. Where there are no rules, only the strongest prevail. Perhaps those who want to divide us are afraid of a world with rules. At this moment, I believe that the EU’s importance lies in the answer that we are able to give to this question. Not only for us, but for a global world that has to live by rules. Without rules, the strongest will prevail and the weakest will be excluded. And the EU does not want that”.

Following the recent meeting in France at the House of Jean Monnet to reflect on the future challenges facing the European Union, Presidents Sassoli, Michel and Von der Leyen recently made statements at the Parlamentarium visitors’ centre in Brussels.

The departure of the United Kingdom marks a new chapter in the history of the European Union. The recent statements aim to look ahead at the specific internal and external challenges that need to be addressed in the years ahead and how to involve citizens, civil society and national parliaments more in the discussions and decision-making that will shape Europe’s future.

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