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EU launches digital strategy for the next five years

Summary of the EU Data Strategy.

European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, yesterday presented the Communication “Shaping Europe’s Digital Future”, setting out EU’s digital strategy for the next five years.

It lays out plans to regulate large platforms, revamp competition rules and reduce the technology sector’s carbon footprint.

To this end, the European Commission has also presented a White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, will later this year launch the Digital Services Act Package, as well as a revision of the regulation of online identification (eIDAS). Three action plans on media, democracy and digital education will also be part of this strategy.

The Commission also looks at creating a fair and competitive European economy, by launching two big initiatives: a European Data Strategy and a European Industrial Strategy, as well as a an evaluation and review of EU competition rules. A Communication on Business Taxation for the 21st century (taking into account the OECD process) is also on the menu.

The strategy also mentions accessible electronic health records for all Europeans, climate-neutral data centres, as well as a circular electronics initiative.

The Commission will present later this year a Digital Services Act and a European Democracy Action Plan, propose a review of the eIDAS regulation, and strengthen cybersecurity by developing a Joint Cyber Unit.

On the international dimension, the strategy mentions that Europe will also continue to build alliances with global partners, leveraging its regulatory power, capacity building, diplomacy and finance to promote the European digitalisation model.

Worth remembering this is the beginning of a new Commission term and ambition levels are always high this early in the term. The political reality of the European Parliament as well as of the Member States, though, will make negotiations on any legislative proposals slow and difficult.

techUK welcomes the ambition to deepen and complete the Digital Single Market and will contribute to these legislative initiatives going forward. Members interested in this work should reach out to Sabina.


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