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Education in the post COVID world

There is no doubt that over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created huge challenges across the public sector, and education was no exception. Almost overnight schools, teachers and students were forced to adapt to and embrace what was later characterised as ‘the new normal’, leading to an increased reliance on online technologies and digital methods of learning.

Thanks to the digital revolution most of us have undertaken, this transition was straightforward for many people, but access to the best technologies and internet services is not universal, and this realisation led to a heightened awareness of a digital divide across the country.

As a procurement organisation who works closely with the education sector, YPO has explored what impact the pandemic had, and continues to have, on education, and what role procurement can play in shaping and supporting educators and schools in a post-COVID world.

This report outlines the results of a survey taken from over 100 individuals at over 100 unique organisations, about their experience of education throughout the pandemic, including both challenges and opportunities, as well as the lessons they’ll be taking forward.

View the report here.


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