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Energy: Bulgaria to set up first regional platform as part of the EU's Energy Purchase Platform

Following the recent announcement by Gazprom on the disruption of gas deliveries to Bulgaria, Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev had a series of meetings in the Commission.

Resulting from yesterday's meetings, the European Commission and Bulgaria agreed to set up in Sofia a first regional taskforce, as part of the EU's Energy Purchase Platform. This pilot will look at gas and electricity needs, prices and flows, as well as infrastructure aspects.

The regional taskforce will concentrate on the year ahead and provide specific regional expertise and know-how to develop and implement the REPowerEU action plan to reduce dependency on Russian fossil fuels, fill storage ahead of next winter and further accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy sector. It will support and coordinate implementation of the joint preparedness plans in the region, including international purchase, storage and interconnections – thus contributing to the security of supply in Bulgaria, the region, the energy community and beyond.

Bulgaria will reach out to countries in its neighbourhood on this taskforce and will organise the first ministerial meeting on 5 May.

The work of the taskforce will notably build on the European Commission's preparations for a number of energy disruption scenarios, in close coordination and solidarity with Member States and international partners. It will present the REPowerEU plan next month.

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