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Enrolment of Secure SMETS1 meters in the Data Communications Company (DCC)


We're seeking views on a proposal requiring the Data Communications Company (DCC) to provide an interoperable SMETS1 smart meter service in respect of the Secure meter set.

This consultation closes at: 11:45pm on 2 April 2019

Consultation description

Consumers with first generation (SMETS1) meter sets can lose smart services when they change energy supplier. The government’s long-standing policy for resolving this is for all significant populations of SMETS1 meters to eventually be operated via the national data and communications provider, the Data Communications Company (DCC).

In October 2018, we confirmed that DCC should provide a SMETS1 service for approximately two-thirds of the existing meter population. This consultation considers the business case for providing a SMETS1 service to the Secure meter set which represent the significant majority of the remaining third. The business case is based on a cost-benefit analysis as well as consideration of security and technical feasibility of enrolment.

Once there is sufficient information from DCC and existing and prospective service providers, we intend to consult on the remaining meter set, EDMI.


Smart Metering Implementation Programme: consultation on the enrolment of Secure SMETS1 meters in the Data Communications Company (DCC) PDF, 500KB, 22 pages

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