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‘Essentials’ training for new conveyancing staff

New recruits to conveyancing now have a comprehensive package of training materials to help them lodge quality applications right from the start.

HM Land Registry has launched a new initiative to help new conveyancing staff get to grips with the practices and processes involved in lodging high-quality applications, right from the word go.

Comprising a varied and comprehensive range of basic training materials, ‘HM Land Registry Essentials’ is a self-service training package aimed at helping new staff, as well as more experienced colleagues wanting an opportunity to refresh their knowledge.

The training package includes a mix of short videos, on-demand webinars, flowcharts and guidance covering some of the most common issues facing new starters to the sector.

These include how to calculate certain Scale 2 fees as well hints and tips on avoiding requests for information (requisitions) relating to forms and deeds, execution, restrictions and variations in names.

There’s also an easy-to-follow look at the three parts that generally make up a title register.

Pauline Mullen-Bray, HM Land Registry’s Customer Experience Delivery Manager, commented:

We’re well aware that the land registration process can be challenging even for experienced staff, but doubly so for people new to the sector. So we’ve specifically designed the package with ‘new starters’ in mind to help them get to grips with the practices and processes involved in a digestible way, and to support them in preparing and submitting high quality applications.

The package is a comprehensive mix of easy to follow and interactive guidance, which we hope will assist ‘new starters’ and indeed anyone in the sector who is trying to unravel some of the complexities in the registration process in a faster and smoother way.

Whether it’s calculating fees, understanding the title register, avoiding requests for information, or gaining an insight into caseworkers’ decision-making process – and much more besides – we hope this ‘one stop shop’ will make things easier.

The on-demand webinars make up an application quality workshop, hosted on our Go To Webinar platform at How to avoid requests for information (requisitions), which customers can dip into to suit their particular needs and circumstances.

To bring a human dimension to the training, we’ve added an interactive element to each webinar, as well as including a ‘Day in the life of a caseworker’ video.

‘A day in the life of a caseworker’ is expressly designed to show participants why caseworkers make the decisions they do, to promote two-way understanding and underline the importance of getting applications ‘right first time – every time’.

The full set of resources can be found here: HM Land Registry Essentials - GOV.UK (

Essentials at a glance

The package comprises:

  • a short ‘What HM Land Registry does’ explanatory video
  • a ‘How HM Land Registry fits into the conveyancing process’ video
  • an ‘on-demand’ application workshop comprising six webinars on ‘How to avoid requests for information (requisitions)’, featuring an Introduction, Restrictions, Execution of Deeds, Forms and Deeds, Variations in Names and ‘A day in the life of a caseworker’
  • a Fees Flowchart to help with calculating the correct fees for Scale 2 applications involving transfers or assents for no monetary consideration, which are not currently covered by our fees calculator
  • three webinars about calculating fees for Transfers or assents involving shares; Transfers or assents not involving shares; and Appointment of a new or additional trustee
  • a look at the three parts that usually make up a title register: the property, proprietorship and charge registers
  • a link to our training hub, which contains further training materials on a wealth of topics

HM Land Registry training

We provide quick and easy access to guidance and training materials on various topics to help you prepare and submit high-quality applications and use our services. From practice guides, flowcharts and checklists to webinars, podcasts and videos, our training offer is continually evolving – visit our training hub on GOV.UK.


We really appreciate your comments, ideas and suggestions. So, if you have any feedback for us about this page or any suggestions for training topics and materials you’d like us to provide, please send an email to the team at

Wherever possible, your comments will be used to improve our guidance.

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