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Event round up: Mapping the future of the UK’s geospatial market.

On Tuesday 27 October, techUK launched the new Geospatial Data Campaign with the online event Mapping the future of the UK’s geospatial market. The event, attended by over 160 members from across the technology sector, was chaired by Sue Daley, Associate Director of Technology and Innovation at techUK.

Speakers Included:

  • Kru Desai, Commissioner, Geospatial Commission
  • Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google
  • Jo Shannon, Director of Technology and Design, Ordnance Survey
  • Nabil Lodey, CEO, Envitia
  • Nathan Watt, Senior Business Development Manager – Big Data and AI, BT

techUK's Geospatial Data campaign is dedicated to bringing together the UK's technology sector with the existing geospatial market to push forward the UK as a world leader in geospatial data. 

The campaign will also explore and consider the role of the technology sector in supporting the work and  goals of the UK’s Geospatial Commission and the recently published national strategy on geospatial data.  techUK will  explore how the Government’s approach to geospatial data could influence wider sector opportunities and priorities and what opportunities this could raise for the UK’s technology ecosystem and sector as a whole.

You can watch the panel below:

Key takeaways from the event:

At the event, Kru Desai from the Geospatial Commission announced the launch of the new Scottish Geospatial Network Integrator. This new project, run alongside Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government will develop new support to grow Scottish geospatial sector by boosting collaboration, knowledge sharing and signpost to potential growth opportunities.

You can read more about the Scottish Geospatial Network Integrator here. 

The panel of experts opened their session by describing the context of the UK’s geospatial market and what this means for future adoption. Geospatial data was described as the 'unsung hero' of the UK's economy. It will be important to  raise highlight the extent to which geospatial data is being widely used across the UK, and for the technology sector to understand how many of their products and services have a location based element.

Terminology often hinders companies from fully realising the importance of geospatial data for their business.  The panel questioned whether the existing geospatial data market was doing enough to convey the value of Geospatial Data. After all, the real value of geospatial data is derived when location data can be used alongside other data to deliver crucial insight to that company or industry. If the Geospatial data market can understand the real value of geospatial data, how do we show this to other markets and sectors?

When discussing the current context of the geospatial data market, we need to address how we drive the market forward. Understanding how Geospatial data will drive innovation when adopted by other forms of emerging technologies, as well as preparing the geospatial data market with the appropriate skills to adapt to the changing role of the geospatial data market in the UK economy will be key parts of techUK’s geospatial data campaign.

techUK’s geospatial data campaign will be dedicated to showcasing the value of geospatial intelligence across the UK, the role this will play in innovation, and the impact this will bring to the UK economy. We want to take the conversation to as many industry and sectors as possible, from climate change, to local Government, transportation, healthcare and more!

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