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Everything you need to know ahead of summer weather

As all eyes look towards meteorological summer, many people are already speculating about what weather it might bring; long hot summer days or even stormy weather. 

Whatever the weather, we at the Met Office and our partners have come together to provide the very best advice and guidance to help everyone to make the most of whatever the summer weather brings and to stay safe and well.  

Whether you’re planning a big day out or have spotted an ominous forecast, check out our WeatherReady page for advice on preparing for this summer’s weather.  

Get out and about

Be prepared to get out and about this summer. Check your vehicle is ready for summer outings. Get ready to get active. Check the weather forecast and make the most of the weather.

Being WeatherReady isn’t just about cold winter weather. WeatherReady advice includes helpful tips and information on getting out and about safely and making the most of the weather.  

This includes advice from expert partners like RNLI and HM Coastguard on beach safety, tips on camping from The Scouts Association and even advice on surviving a festival, courtesy of our very own meteorologist, presenter and festival lover Clare Nasir.

Health and wellbeing

Look after your health and wellbeing this summer. Be prepared for hot weather. Check in on elderly or vulnerable neighbours. Store key information and phone numbers somewhere safe.

Last summer’s record-breaking heat for the UK was a stark reminder of the risks of extreme heat. Widespread disruption was reported in what was England’s joint hottest summer on record, with travel, infrastructure and healthcare impacted by the heat.  

Leading health organisations across the UK have contributed to WeatherReady’s advice page on hot weather and its impacts. There are plenty of practical steps everyone can take to stay cool during hot weather. This can be especially important for those who are more vulnerable to heat, such as babies, young children and older people.  

Find practical advice on UV and sunburn, as well as a wealth of information about hay feverthe pollen season and how you can be prepared for summer conditions.

Home and garden

Prepare your home and garden this summer. Weatherproof your home and garden. Consider the impact of heavy rain or strong winds. Have basic supplies to hand. Stay cool and hydrated.

While many hope for a mild summer with plenty of sunshine, heavy rain can be a factor in summer and it can have a more pronounced impact when it falls on dry land.  

WeatherReady includes step-by-step instructions on how to protect a property from flooding, as well as helpful information on how to recover after a flood.  

Warm summer weather often carries with it the risk of thunder and lightning, which presents an additional hazard. Knowing what to do when thunder and lightning occurs can help you to stay safe.  

Are you WeatherReady? 

For more information, practical advice and guidance, visit our WeatherReady website. You can start by finding out 10 things you can do now to prepare for summer.


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