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Expert advice from suppliers on ESPO Consultancy Services framework

Our Consultancy Services framework (664) is designed to create a simple and efficient solution for those looking to procure trustworthy advice from pre-approved suppliers. Over 120 suppliers are available, from a wide range of different service areas.

Some of these suppliers have written about key topics that the public sector is currently facing, resulting in the following series of guest articles containing a wealth of knowledge in their respective subject areas:

Communications and PR: Telling a consistent story

Operating in the public sector is a complex business. Budgets may be stretched yet people’s expectations remain high. Your narrative is your brand and the foundation stone of your organisation.  It’s a precious thing, so understand it and never take it for granted. (Arch Communications)

Social care: What are the four key drivers of integration in health and social care?

There are several key areas to focus on when integrating health and care services, and in this article, we consider four of those areas we believe are most pertinent. (Attain)

Communications and PR: Twitterstorms, Facebook meltdowns, Instagram explosions – how do you handle a crisis on social media?

If you work in the public sector, one thing you can guarantee is that ‘stuff happens’ (other words are available). Here are DTW's five golden rules for engaging with your communities on social media when that ‘stuff’ hits the fan.

Business Services: What makes a successful bid?

Healthbid, who are found of Lot 1, discuss what makes an effective and successful bid process.

Social care and housing: The return of the housing strategy

With the re-emergence of housing as a top government priority – cue the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government – more councils are developing housing strategies. So what do they look like and why? (Campbell Tickell)

Social care: Leading within a contemporary safeguarding environment

With strong leaders, we can implement more effective and efficient ways of working to effect changes in our communities and for our children and young people. (Barnardo's)

Highways & transport: Thinking digitally about infrastructure can deliver a step-change for UK economy

The UK needs infrastructure which connects more people to more opportunities more quickly and more reliably. That means thinking digitally. (BWB)

Business Services and Strategic IT: 5G neutral host - revenue opportunities for local authorities

In the face of growing demand for services coupled with significant shortfall in budgets due to austerity, Local Authorities must consider every opportunity to generate income that can be re-invested in frontline services to redress the balance. (Perform Green)

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