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Express Yourself: get creative this Children’s Mental Health Week

As we wrestle with a winter national lockdown, and with many children missing their school and friends, it’s more vital than ever we focus on young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Inspired by Children’s Mental Health Week we're celebrating some arts and cultural projects supporting children’s wellbeing, made possible thanks to Arts Council investment from the Government and the National Lottery. These south west organisations are lifting children’s spirits in times of crisis, with many projects having a positive deep and lasting impact on their health and wellbeing.  


ArtfulScribe support emerging and continuing young writers in Hampshire, Dorset, and the Solent region to create new work and develop skills through writing workshops, live events and career-development opportunities. They work with children and young people, exploring non-fiction, fiction, poetry and scriptwriting, providing skills for self-expression and creativity, encouraging motivation and inspiration through the written word.  

Dae Fletcher, participant: Artfulscribe provided me with so many fantastic  opportunities. They help bring young people into the literary world from  outside of school.  They give young people new tools to express themselves in  a creative and supportive environment, without the huge emphasis on  needing to be ‘right’ that exists in schools.

They run a range on online events and workshops for young writers. 

ZoieLogic Dance Theatre 

Southampton’s ZoieLogic Dance Theatre challenge the perceptions of dance – who it’s for, and where and how it is shown. They offer a range of stepping stones for young men to overcome mental health challenges and enter the world of contemporary dance through their ‘Fuzzy’ programmes. 

Last year, they brought over 60 participants together in Southampton’s cultural quarter for a socially distanced event, The Grid Experience. People learnt choreography at home before coming together to perform a unique street dance. 

This year they are working on We Are Holyrood, a dance and film project celebrating the stories of Southampton’s Holyrood estate and its residents, which is part of the city-wide Mayflower 400 programme.  

Watch this space for We Are Holyrood and more The Grid Experience, and read about Rudi’s journey with FuzzyClear.

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