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FSA statement on future food regulation

Our purpose is to make sure that people have safe food, food they can trust, and that it is what it says it is. We need to change the way food is regulated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so we can be confident this stays the case for the food people buy and eat.

Business innovation has outstripped the way regulation has always been done and we need to keep pace with this new world to stop people being put at risk. We want businesses to take proper responsibility for food safety and local authority resources to be properly used.

Safety will always be at the heart of what we decide to do. We are proposing a model that continues to use inspections and visits alongside the information we can gain from business’s data and accredited third party audits to ensure that food safety and authenticity are top of a food business’s mind every day – not just on inspection day.

We’ve started a three month trial to compare the vast amounts of data held by food businesses with the data that local authorities collect from inspections to see if it can be used to provide assurance that they are doing the right things for consumers. This is part of us setting the standard to create a new, more comprehensive and transparent system of business assurance.

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