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Fair Start Scotland - evaluation report 3: year two - overview

Third report in a series of evaluation reports of Fair Start Scotland employability services which covers the second full year of service delivery (April 2019 – March 2020) and summarises findings from a participant phone survey, local area case studies and analysis of management information.

This is the third evaluation report published by the Scottish Government on Fair Start Scotland (FSS). This report presents an overview of research relating to the second year of service delivery (April 2019 - March 2020).

The report aims to answer the following questions:

  • Who engaged with FSS?
  • How aware are people of FSS? What motivated participants in FSS to take part?
  • How well did the process of referral and service delivery work in year 2?
  • What has been participants’ experience of the support they received?
  • How well has FSS embodied its values and principles?
  • Has FSS helped participants to move towards work?

It aims to do this by presenting an overview of findings from four different data sources:

  • Three local case studies in Dundee, Fraserburgh and Peterhead, and Drumchapel, in north Glasgow, undertaken by Rocket Science UK Ltd and Blake Stevenson. The case studies take an in depth look at the local delivery and outcomes of FSS from those who participate in the service as well as those who are involved in providing it. This includes FSS service providers, local organisations, and FSS participants. Individual participant stories are included throughout the report.
  • A telephone survey of 1007 FSS participants by IFF Research Ltd. Participants were a mix of those who had started in the second year of FSS service, and follow up interviews with those who joined in the first year and were interviewed for the year 1 evaluation report.
  • Analysis of FSS service provider management information on the demographics and background characteristics of the FSS participants who joined in the second year of delivery.
  • An online survey of 109 non-participants in FSS, conducted with members of the Scottish Social Security Panel.

Fair Start Scotland Evaluation Report 3: Overview of year 2 (November 2020) 76 page PDF, 2.5 MB


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