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Federal BBC a ‘win-win’ for viewers

Call for BBC Scotland to be empowered to better reflect needs of audiences.

A federal BBC that gives full commissioning and decision-making powers to BBC Scotland, would be a ‘win-win’ for viewers in Scotland and across the UK, Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop said today.

Speaking ahead of the Scottish Parliament Education and Culture Committee, at which the Cabinet Secretary and the Director General of the BBC Lord Tony Hall will give evidence on the current BBC Charter renewal process today, Ms Hyslop said:

“It’s time for BBC Scotland to be empowered and resourced to be bold and creative for Scotland.

“A federal structure would empower the BBC to better reflect the needs of the nations and regions it serves, giving BBC Scotland full control over decision making in terms of how revenue raised here is spent.

“Full control over commissioning and editorial decisions would have an enormously positive impact. It would enable BBC Scotland to take a long-term, strategic approach to delivering sustainable, high quality programming that benefits audiences, the global market and the creative sector. This would be a win-win for viewers both in Scotland and across the rest of the UK.

“I am keen to work with the BBC to achieve this both within and outwith the Charter Renewal process, because there is much that the BBC can do outside of Charter Renewal to improve its service to the people of Scotland.

“We have worked hard with stakeholders from across Scotland to understand the issues and to develop a position that we believe has strong support.

“This is about ensuring the BBC’s long-term future in a way that benefits both the BBC and Scotland. The future BBC must think about Scotland in a different way if it is to meet the needs of the UK’s nations and regions to ensure that public service broadcasting remains a vital part of our social, democratic, cultural and economic life.”


Ms Hyslop will answer questions and present the Scottish Government’s views on BBC Charter renewal during the second panel of the evidence session, expected to take place from 11.30 today.

Ms Hyslop set out her proposals for a new federal structure for the BBC at a stakeholder event in September. Her speech is available at:

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