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Fighting for diversity from the NCSC front line

Meet five women leading the way for diversity within the NCSC.

The National Cyber Security Centre is proud to be knocking down barriers that have prevented women from prospering in the technological field. Emma W, Emma G, Helen L, Rachel C and Susan A are five females who are leading the fight from the NCSC front line.

The diversity statistics in science and technology are unacceptable. The Frost and Sullivan report this year estimated that for every woman working in cyber security globally, you will find nine men. Around 40 per cent of women leave jobs in science in technology, twice the figure for men, and that one third cite the working environment as central to their decision.

As our CEO Ciaran Martin said; “This is scandalous”, and leaves a huge talent pool of untapped talent.

The NCSC recognises that women have a huge role to play in our objective of making the UK the safest place to live and work online. That’s why half of our senior management are female, and why they are determined to improve on the overall figure of one third of NCSC staff being women.

But what is the experience of women working at the NCSC? Here are five accounts of women who are thriving in the National Cyber Security Centre…

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