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FindMyStreet – showing the name, location, USRN and maintenance responsibility for every street in England and Wales

Blog posted by: Richard Groombridge, Product and Data Development Manager and Simon Bailey, Senior Strategic Relationship Manager, GeoPlace, 03 July 2020.

We all take for granted the streets and roads around us, but how many of us have ever stopped to consider how important the information about those streets is? Without a street you can’t have properties and addresses, and they also form the backbone of our ability to move around the country.

Knowing whether a street is publicly maintainable is fundamental information that can have enormous impact on the residents that live on it or those that are trying to use it.  This information is a key part of house buying, street and road works coordination and for those identifying highways that they can legally access. In the past it has been difficult to find this information and so making it easily visible was one of the core drivers of FindMyStreet.


A ministerial launch

In May 2019 Jesse Norman MP, then Minister of State for the Department for Transport, launched our new, free-of-charge service ‘FindMyStreet’ at the GeoPlace annual conference. The service was funded by the Local Government Association (LGA) on the basis that it would reduce the burden on local authorities to hold an up-to-date list of streets that are maintainable at public expense.


In releasing FindMyStreet we enabled increased transparency on street data, exposing USRNs for the first time publicly. In the 14 months since release; 37,000 people have used the site a total of over 100,000 times to carry out over 350,000 searches for either streets on the maps or viewing the list of streets.

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