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First Innovation Fund challenge event - presentation slides

The first Innovation Fund challenge was launched at the Accelerator networking event on 23 February 2017

At the event in London, a series of presentations provided details of three challenges that make up the Defence and Security Accelerator competition ‘Revolutionise the human information relationship for Defence’.

To set the scene, Accelerator Acting Head Rob Solly and Innovation Partner Jim Pennycook opened the event, giving an overview of proof-of-concept research funding opportunities for innovative science and technology providers.

Rear Admiral Tim Fraser and military staff from Joint Force Command outlined the importance of this competition for defence.

Challenge 1

Challenge 1: allowing rapid and automated integration of new sensors was introduced, with details provided from a military and technical perspective.

Challenge 2

Challenge 2: free up personnel by the innovative use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) for military advantage was explained from a military and technical challenge perspective.

Challenge 3

Challenge 3: make effective use of operator cognitive capacity, particularly by human-machine teaming was outlined, again with details from a technical and military view.

The competition was then summed up by Joint Force Command and the competition process was explained.

Other opportunities

UK Defence Solutions Centre then talked about export opportunities and Dual Use Technology Exploitation gave an overview of opportunities through non-defence markets.

How to work with the Accelerator

The Accelerator team then outlined how organisations can access the Accelerator and gave advice on how to submit good proposals for funding.

Unmanned Warrior

A briefing on the Unmanned Warrior was then given.

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