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First all-women Cabinet event

Time to seize the opportunity of 'independence guarantee’.

With 100 days to go, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hosts the first all-women Scottish Cabinet event, outlining how independence can improve the lives of individuals, families and communities throughout Scotland.

The all-women Cabinet event brings together women from 130 organisations across Scotland. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of all of the female ministers in the Scottish Government.

The Cabinet will discuss this Government’s ambitious plans to provide free universal childcare for children aged 1-5, plans to maximise Scotland’s vast wealth to create more job opportunities and the creation of a social security system that tackles poverty and protects the independence of women in the benefits system.

Speaking at the event in Dynamic Earth, Ms Sturgeon said:

"A vote for independence is about taking into our own hands the power to make this country a better place for all of us who live and work here. Being independent will mean being able to tailor economic policy to make the most of our huge strengths.

“It will mean being able to use these economic levers to give our businesses a competitive advantage, to attract more company headquarters to locate here and, in so doing, create more and better jobs for our young people.

“Being independent will also mean being able to provide more financial security for households - by guaranteeing cost of living increases in pensions, in tax credits and in the minimum wage. And being independent will mean we can make life easier for young families by delivering a transformational increase in childcare.

“Independence will make possible all of these policies, and many more besides. But the case for independence rests on more than individual policies. It is about who is best placed to make decisions about our country - is it Westminster or is it us, the people who live and work here?

“At its heart, the case for independence is based on a simple but fundamental belief. A belief in the ability and talent of the people of Scotland. No-one else will ever do a better job of running our country than we will. Independence means decisions about Scotland will be taken by the people who care most about Scotland – by those of us who live here, work here, run businesses and raise children here.

“In short, by those of us who have the biggest stake in making our country a success. By transferring decision-making powers from Westminster to Scotland we get the chance to change our lives for the better. It will take hard work, good government and responsible stewardship of our resources. But the prize will be worth the effort.

“By taking Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands we can secure an independence guarantee. The guarantee is this:

“We will always have the security of being in control of our vast wealth and resources.

“We will have the job-creating powers we need - an economic policy that puts Scotland first.

“We'll get to make big savings by not spending money on the things we don't need, like nuclear weapons, Westminster MPs and members of the House of Lords.

“Instead we'll get to invest in the things we do need and protect our public services, like the NHS, from Westminster privatisation. And we'll get the governments we vote for - every time."

Ms Sturgeon will also highlight the particular benefits of independence for women, focussing on opportunities to transform childcare, raise the minimum wage, deliver fair pensions, close the pay gap, create more and better job opportunities and build a social security system fit for purpose.

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