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Flu and COVID-19 surveillance report published

Weekly national influenza and COVID-19 report, COVID-19 activity, seasonal flu and other seasonal respiratory illnesses.

This fortnightly flu and COVID-19 report brings together the latest surveillance data along with the latest public health advice.

COVID-19 surveillance up until end of week 30

COVID-19 case rates continued to increase this week compared to our previous report. 5.4% of 4,396 respiratory specimens reported through the Respiratory DataMart System were identified as COVID-19. This is compared to 3.7% of 4,403 from the previous report.

The overall COVID-19 hospital admission rate for week 30 was 1.97 per 100,000 population, an increase from 1.17 per 100,000 in the previous report.

ICU admission rates have decreased to 0.05 compared to 0.07 in the previous report.

Those aged 85 years and over continue to have the highest hospital admission rates; these have increased to 20.49 per 100,000 from 9.8 per 100,000 in the previous report. Admission rates among those aged 75 to 84 years have increased to 9.45 per 100,000 from 5.54 in the previous report.

Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said:

We continue to see a rise in COVID-19 cases in this week’s report. We have also seen a small rise in hospital admission rates in most age groups, particularly among the elderly. Overall levels of admission still remain extremely low and we are not currently seeing a similar increase in ICU admissions. We will continue to monitor these rates closely.

Regular and thorough hand washing helps protect you from COVID-19 and other bugs and viruses. If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness, we recommend staying away from others where possible.

The NHS will be in contact in autumn 2023 when the seasonal vaccine is available for those who are eligible due to health conditions or age, and we urge everyone who is offered to take up the vaccine when offered.

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