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Food Standards Agency publishes updated public list of CBD products

The FSA recently (30 June 2022) updated its public list of CBD products that can be marketed in England and Wales. These are products that are linked to a credible application submitted for authorisation to the FSA, and are not new to the market.

Almost 6,000 additional CBD products have been added to the list since the last update. Nearly 12,000 products are now on the list. The list is now closed and further requests to have products put on the public list or evidence sent are no longer being accepted. 

Rebecca Sudworth, Director of Policy, Food Standards Agency recently said: 

“This has been a long and complex process and we are grateful for the help and cooperation of the CBD industry as we reach this important milestone on the path to bringing CBD products into compliance and protecting consumers. The only changes we envisage being made to the list now will be to reflect the status of products as we move to authorisation, and any routine corrections.  

“We have seen the list, which contains almost 12,000 products, grow considerably since March when we first published it. The publication of the initial list prompted a number of companies to come forward with new evidence linking large numbers of individual products to existing applications, and so we made a final call for evidence to support businesses in achieving compliance for their products. We think it is important we get this right, and it is encouraging that so many companies want to get their CBD products on the path to authorisation.”

Businesses can continue to apply for authorisation of CBD food products – businesses wanting to sell their products in Great Britain should apply to our regulated products process and those wanting to sell in Northern Ireland should apply to the European Commission. However, new applications will not be eligible for the public list and should not be put on sale until they have been authorised.

There are currently no authorised CBD products on the market. Consumers should continue to think carefully before consuming CBD products because we don’t know a lot about them. People should refer to the FSA’s precautionary consumer advice which states that those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication should not consume CBD products. The FSA recommends no more than 70mg a day (about 28 drops of 5% CBD) unless under medical direction.


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