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Former US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo Discusses support for Ukraine at RUSI

Michael Pompeo, the 70th US Secretary of State and former Director of the CIA, joined RUSI’s Deputy Director-General Professor Malcolm Chalmers for a wide-ranging discussion, centred on the importance of maintaining consistent financial and military support for Ukraine.

Over the course of the conversation and subsequent Q and A, Secretary Pompeo shared his unique perspectives on the assistance Western allies and businesses provide to Ukraine and the imperative that this should continue in a comprehensive manner. The discussion also focused on wider geopolitical challenges, including growing tension between the US and China over Taiwan and the escalation of violence in the Middle East.

Secretary Pompeo also shared knowledge from his time at the top of US government and insights from Ukrainian firm Kyivstar, where he is now a non-executive director.

During the discussion, Mr Pompeo yesterday said:

The conflict in Ukraine is a political fight as well as a military struggle… it’s not just about tanks and artillery. This is about what’s the border of Europe and Russia going to look like for the next 75 years. And we need to be ever mindful that this is not just going to be a Ukrainian challenge. This is a European challenge and therefore a challenge that the United States needs to be all in on.

Turning to the upcoming NATO Summit in Washington, Mr Pompeo continued:

What should happen when the NATO summit takes place? I think there must be a security architecture that is fundamentally different than the one that existed in September 2021. I reference that date intentionally… as September is when the American Intelligence Committee knew, with a high degree of certainty that the Russian invasion would occur…[and] the world did nothing… We can never find ourselves in that place when there's another September 2021, where we don't have a security architecture already in place to re-establish the deterrence that had clearly been lost by then.

Michael Pompeo, the 70th US Secretary of State and former Director of the CIA

Reflecting on the discussion, Professor Chalmers yesterday said:

Drawing on his experience as US Secretary of State and CIA Director, Mr Pompeo vividly outlined how central Ukraine is to America’s national security, and the resulting imperative of maintaining robust support for Kyiv in its struggle against Russia.

 Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director General

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