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Funding for UK leadership in AI secured

techUK has welcomed an announcement by the DCMS that the long awaited Government’s Digital Strategy, to be published on Wednesday, will include £17.3 million to support the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies by universities across the UK.

More good news for the UK’s AI sector expected in the Digital Strategy includes a full scale review of how AI driven innovation can “thrive and grow” in the UK. This review will focus on how Government and Industry can work together to ensure the UK can realise the full potential of AI.

techUK is thrilled that the Government is recognising and supporting the potential of AI to drive significant UK productivity, economic growth and personal and societal wellbeing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to become a significant driver of change across both the UK economy and society, and will be an important aspect of developing a modern Industrial Strategy. This investment announced today means the UK can continue to define the future by being a European and global leader in the development, deployment and use of AI technologies.

Like all new powerful technologies AI will bring great opportunities and benefits as well as changes that need to be fully considered. The AI review announced today is particularly welcome to ensure that the UK approaches our AI future with both confidence and vigilance. techUK believe it is essential that these technologies are used in a way that supports growth in the UK’s economy, powers our digital future and enhances the lives of ordinary people, strengthening the society that we live in.

Business, academia, citizens and government all have a role to play in ensuring we have an informed and balanced debate about the potential benefits as well as possible impact of AI technologies. The AI review announced today is therefore both timely and welcomed. It is important that this review considers how organisations across both the private and public sector, as well as everyone in the UK, can benefit from the development and use of AI.

techUK is exploring during 2017 the opportunities and benefits of AI driven technologies through a series of speaker led workshops. These sessions will kick off by exploring the potential of AI in financial services on the 24 April. Speakers including Artificial Solutions, UCL and Luxoft will explore the opportunities and benefits to the finance sector that could come from the adoption and implementation of AI. The session will also consider possible risks, challenges and barriers that could stand in the way, and how these might be overcome. This FS focused workshop will be one or many events held during techUK’s AI campaign week. Other workshops will explore the opportunities of AI in healthcare (May) and cyber security (September).

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