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GCS Wellbeing group

Blog posted by: Ella Fage and Graham Millward, 27 January 2022.

Have you heard about the GCS wellbeing group? If you haven’t, this blog is for you!

The group’s first session of 2022, for all GCS members, is on Thursday 3 February for ‘Time to Talk’ day. From then on we will hold regular meetings once a month where we’ll work towards the following objectives:

  • sharing information
  • promoting wellbeing events
  • signposting people to resources available
  • delivering wellbeing sessions
  • collaborating and bringing colleagues across GCS together to share their own experiences, influence change and bring the community closer together.

Why is wellbeing important to Ella – the co-chair of the network:

“My personal ethos whole-heartedly revolves around wellbeing and advocacy. To be the best version ourselves, our wellbeing and health must come first. This is something I want to continue drawing out in this group. To do this, we must be collaborative and transparent with each other.

“I have extensive experience in living with and supporting others with complex mental health conditions. At 16, I entered the care system due to being unable to cope at home to protect my own wellbeing. 

“This was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do but I don’t regret the decision. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I’m incredibly proud of my courage.  I’ve learnt a lot from sharing my truth and learning from other experiences. If we don’t talk, how do we move forwards?”

Why is wellbeing important to Graham the co chair of the network:

 “Wellbeing is something I feel strongly about. I want to help GCS members by making sure that they can access the support they need. People will have an opportunity to take part in useful activities. They’ll also be able to connect with people from around GCS.

“Having been affected by mental health issues in the past, I can see how having a supportive network of people can be so helpful. I’d like you all as GCS members to feel that you have somebody there to help when you need it.”

If you’d like to help and join the group’s support team, please get in touch. The group’s looking for topic ideas, blog writers and people who’ll spread the word. By helping the group, you’ll be supporting your colleagues right across the profession.

We’re keen to grow and develop this network and that involves getting a range of voices across our GCS community together to hear your thoughts and ideas. Collaboration is key! 

If you have any ideas or would like to join the group, contact: or and we will be in touch.


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