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GCS apprentices revisited: Jatin and Amber

Ever wondered what happens after the GCS Apprenticeship ends? We return to 2 GCS apprentices from 2020 to find out where their government communication careers have taken them.

Meet Jatin Nayi

Back in 2021, Jatin Nayi told us what life was like as a GCS apprentice. Jatin is now a Corporate Communications Adviser at the Ministry of Justice. In his latest blog, he tells us what he has been up to since his apprenticeship and why he would encourage others to apply for the GCS Apprenticeship.

 “I really enjoyed the challenge of my apprenticeship and feel proud to have seized the opportunity for a permanent role at the MoJ. If you’re eligible, don’t hesitate to apply!”

Read Jatin’s blog.

Jatin Nayi

Meet Amber Warne

Another past GCS apprentice who continues to make waves in government communications is Amber Warne. Amber shared her experience in 2021 when she was in the middle of her 18 month apprenticeship. Amber is soon to join the Cabinet Office as Senior Communications Manager at Civil Service communications and external affairs. Since her apprenticeship, Amber tells us what she has been doing.

“I am excited to share that thanks to the opportunities I have been presented with in GCS I am starting a new SEO role in the Civil Service communications team, I look forward to new challenges and meeting the team.”

Read Amber’s blog.

Amber Warne

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