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'Generation buy' could leave behind those in greatest housing need

Proposal to scrap provision of affordable homes for rent could place the most vulnerable at further disadvantage.

Photograph: Images of Money (Flickr)

At the Conservative party conference yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron outlined plans that will remove the requirement for new housing developments to including affordable homes for rent. This is to clear the way for ‘starter homes’ for first time buyers.

Homeless Link fears this policy could create further disadvantage for those in greatest housing need.  

Jacqui McCluskey, Director of Policy and Communications for Homeless Link, said:

“We have serious concerns about the Prime Minister’s proposal to abolish requirements for new housing developments to include a proportion of affordable rental homes. By focusing solely on ‘starter homes’, there is a real risk that the most vulnerable will be further excluded from the housing market.

“Access to affordable housing is a vital route out of homelessness. However, our research shows that nearly a third of people in homelessness services are being prevented from moving on due to a shortage of homes that are truly affordable. This is likely to get worse if availability of rental homes is reduced even further.

“Everyone should have a place to call home, but this is only achievable if new housing covers all forms of tenure. A balance between homes for rent, for sale, and affordable social homes is the only way the housing market can truly reflect the needs of all people, and we strongly urge the Government to avoid any policies which could push those most in need even further from finding and keeping a home of their own.”


Channel website: http://www.homelesslink.org.uk

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