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Give your child the gift of knowledge this Christmas

What has your teenager asked for this Christmas? An Xbox? The latest iPhone? Designer clothes? What if we told you that for a fraction of the cost, you could buy them a five month headstart on their education?

Five whole months. That’s the figure that was revealed during a recent study by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) into the impact of cross-age, peer to peer tutoring.

Already used widely across the world, peer tutoring sees young people partnered with older students who have excelled in their own studies to provide them with extra-curricular learning support.

Mirroring this model, NCFE recently launched Peer Tutor, an exciting new mobile app which provides the same level of support as regular peer tutoring, but through the medium of technology.

Ideal for students studying for their GCSEs or A Levels, Peer Tutor provides young people with around the clock access to high-quality learning resources and tailored learning support by connecting them ‘on demand’ with a peer tutor.

There are three different functions built in to the app that your teen can choose from to best support them with their studies. They can access question and answer based support for simple queries, request essay feedback on up to 1,000 words of copy for longer assignments or, request a 30-minute live tutoring session if they feel like they need something explaining to them again outside of school hours.

Each ‘level’ of support can be accessed in exchange for gems, which can be purchased and topped up through the app as and when required, so your teen need never get stuck on their homework or revision again.

So you might be wondering, how can we guarantee that the support your child receives is actually any good?

Well, for starters, not just anyone can become a Peer Tutor. All of our tutors have been DBS checked and verified as former or current students studying for their A Levels or Undergraduate degree. Tutors also need to have passed their own exams at Level 6 (Grade B) or above.

To ensure that learners stay safe while using the app, Peer Tutor also has a number of built-in safety features, including the latest AI screening technologies to moderate documents and feedback so we can ensure that the guidance young people are receiving is appropriate and accurate.

With the January exam period for a number of technical qualifications just around the corner, many young people will be using the Christmas holidays to revise. So, instead of making up their stockings with another pair of novelty socks, why not give your child the gift of knowledge this Christmas?

Find out more today on the Peer Tutor website.

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