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'Government letting people down' on nuisance calls law change, says Information Commissioner

Information Commissioner Christopher Graham has again called for the Government to change the law around nuisance calls and texts.

The Information Commissioner's Office is responsible for regulating nuisance marketing calls and spam text messages. But the law currently makes it difficult to issue fines to those who break the rules. The ICO has been calling for a change to the rules for the law since 2013.

Speaking at an Alzheimer's Society event yesterday, Christopher Graham said:

"The current rules around marketing calls are a licence for spammers and scammers. The elderly and vulnerable are particularly at risk, and this can only add to the worries of those who care for them. The Government is letting people down.

"Time and time again the Government talks about changing the law and clamping down on this problem, but so far it's just that - talk. Today they are holding yet another roundtable to discuss the issue, and we seem to be going round in circles. The Government need to lay the order, change the law and bring in a reform that would make a real difference."

An ICO blog last year set out what changes consumers would see if the law was changed, notably fewer calls and texts.

Christopher Graham was speaking at an event to launch a new Alzheimer's Society leaflet

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