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Government must introduce ethnicity pay gap reporting now, says TUC

Commenting on the publication of ethnicity pay gap figures by the Office for National Statistics, which show that the median hourly pay for white people was £12.40 per hour compared with £12.11 for those from a black and minority ethnic (BME) background – a pay gap of 2.3%, with significant regional variations, including a figure of 23.8% in London, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady yesterday said: 

“The difficult reality is that even today structural and individual racism still plays a role in determining pay and life chances. And coronavirus has exposed beyond any doubt the huge inequalities BME people face at work.

“BME men and women are overrepresented in undervalued, low-paid and casual jobs, with fewer rights and no sick pay. During the pandemic many of them have paid for these poor working conditions with their lives.

“Enough is enough. Ministers must take bold action to confront inequality and racism in the labour market. And the obvious first step is to introduce mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting without delay.”

Last month TUC analysis revealed that BME people are far more likely to be in precarious work and in jobs with higher coronavirus mortality rates than white people, such as security guards, carers, nurses and drivers. And a TUC survey exposed daily experiences of racism for BME workers during the pandemic. 

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Original article link: https://www.tuc.org.uk/news/government-must-introduce-ethnicity-pay-gap-reporting-now-says-tuc

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