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Government unveils vision of 'contactless digital border'

Home Office believes use of new technology will mean people can enter the UK without going through a gate or being checked by an official

The Home Office has announced that it will shorly begin testing systems that would allow those arriving in the UK to complete a "pre-screening" process. Having done so, new technology deployed at air and seaports could then enable entirely automated checks of passengers, removing the need for documents to be screened by eGates or checked by Border Force personnel. 

Operational pilots are scheduled to begin in 2024. The plan to trial new technology forms part of a new Legal Migration and Border Control Strategy unveiled last week by the Home Secretary. 

The Strategy includes ensuring that UK borders are fit for the 21st century which allows travellers to get a visa and pass trhough the border easily, while maintaining national security. The Home Secretary set out commitments to ensuring that Border Force are given access to the most up to date automation technologies to protect the UK's borders. 

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