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Government’s post-Brexit global data plans must promote ethics as well as trade

The Government’s post-Brexit global data plans to boost trade and healthcare are welcome but must also incentivise ethics and a focus on climate change, according to the professional body for IT.

Dr Bill Mitchell OBE, Director of Policy at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT recently said:

“We welcome the recognition of the key role that government regulation and regulators have to play in delivering these objectives.

“However, the Government needs to be clearer about how it plans to build on and maintain our existing international adequacy agreements as well as the role of data, digital regulation and of digital regulators in building public trust that data innovation and digital technologies are developed and used to benefit society.

“Regulation should clearly incentivise stakeholders to advance digital technologies to solve key societal challenges, such as climate change, an ageing population, and the digital divide.

Ethical, inclusive, and sustainable innovation

“Data governance and regulation also needs to foster ethical, inclusive, and sustainable innovation and has an important role in developing competitive markets so that they favour organisations and professionals that are highly competent, ethical and accountable.

“In order to implement these principles, regulators should establish collaborative partnerships with companies that use digital technologies as well as those that develop them, and also work collaboratively with key organisations such as learned societies, national academies and professional bodies that have expertise in advancing professional practice in technology for the benefit of the public.”

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