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Health Minister welcomes plans for opt-out organ donation system in England

Health Minister, Vaughan Gething, has welcomed plans to introduce a system of deemed consent for organ donation in England.

Legislation to introduce an opt-out system of consent to organ donation in England was passed in the House of Lords yesterday (26 February), following Wales’ lead to introduce a similar law in 2015.

Mr Gething yesterday said:

“I am delighted that England are following our lead in introducing an opt-out system for organ donation,”

“The benefits of such a system are clear to see. We were the first UK nation to take this bold step and three years on from that momentous decision, organ donation consent rates in Wales are now the highest in the UK at 75%.”

The Minister added: 

“I firmly believe we made the right decision on deemed consent for organ donation. The new system has led to a cultural change here in Wales, with more families asking about organ donation and becoming aware of their loved ones decision. The more organs that are available for people on transplant waiting lists, the better the chance of someone’s life being saved or extended.

"Here in Wales the success of the new system has been achieved through the support of the Welsh population and our healthcare professionals. I thank them all for their support over the last three years and thank all of those who have given the invaluable, potentially life-saving gift of an organ.”


Channel website: http://gov.wales

Original article link: https://gov.wales/newsroom/health-and-social-services/2019/item/?lang=en

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