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Helping the public sector meet smart transport challenges

Find out how our smart transport solutions agreements are playing a vital role in helping deliver net zero across the transport sector.

Transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gases in the UK, contributing 27% of domestic emissions. Increasingly we are looking at technology to help decarbonise transport and deliver on the government’s net zero ambition.

Technology is helping the shift to electric vehicles, improving urban air quality, and protecting vulnerable road users. Our Transport Technology and Associated Services (TTAS) framework makes it easier for you to access smarter, cleaner and safer transport solutions.

Transport challenges and smart solutions

Our TTAS framework is playing a vital role in helping deliver net zero across the transport sector.

Decarbonising road vehicles

Public sector support for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure will be essential if the government is to meet its vision around easy access to public charge points. Public investment is particularly important for on-street charging, in providing access in rural locations, and supporting the electrification of the public sector fleet. CCS supports deployment of EV infrastructure through TTAS and our Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions (VCIS) dynamic purchasing system (DPS).

The TTAS framework includes pre-agreed rates and terms and conditions, approved and audited suppliers, and a catalogue option for direct procurement.

Our VCIS DPS solution provides a flexible route to onboard new suppliers and scope to negotiate terms that are appropriate to the size and scale of your project.

These agreements offer a range of solutions from hardware and managed services to a full end-to-end solution.

Developing place-based solutions to improve air quality

Road transport is a leading cause of air pollution in cities, directly affecting the health of residents and contributing to global warming. Tackling air pollution, increasing the efficiency of public transport, and encouraging the transition to cleaner modes of transport are key priorities for many urban cities and regions.

We are working with local authorities to provide market insight into new clean air zone technology. We are supporting the procurement of clean air zone and low emissions zone solutions that help to reduce use of the most polluting vehicles. Read the case study to find out how we helped Bristol City Council to meet legal limits for pollution.

Delivering market ready innovation – digital roads and open data

Adopting an innovative approach to sharing and analysing accessible data is enabling road operators and the public to make smarter decisions. It is opening up opportunities to provide new services.

CCS suppliers are leading the way with market ready solutions utilising real-time data analytics, helping you to meet your goals through:

  • dynamic management of traffic congestion reducing pollution hotspots
  • active junction and crossing solutions detecting and reacting to children and cyclists
  • analysis of existing data avoiding the need for new roadside hardware
  • use of simulation (digital twins) to underpin future city transport infrastructure planning

Ensuring safe and efficient network operation

Technology provides solutions to keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently including, across borders.

The deployment of thermal imaging cameras at airports helped mitigate travellers’ exposure to COVID 19. Transport operators are tackling congestion and pinch points through automated border control systems at UK entry points, by using cross-modal freight routing applications to improve efficiency, and through the application of real time telemetry technology.

Add power to your procurement with CCS

Whether you need consultancy, an end-to-end solution for EV charging, local enforcement of traffic offences, prioritisation of public transport, or the roll out of a clean air zone – we are here to help you.

To find out how we can help you get in touch or visit our smart solutions web page.


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