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Historic New Tax Powers for Wales

Minister for Finance and Government Business, Jane Hutt, has launched an historic consultation that paves the way for new tax powers for Wales - the first piece of Welsh tax legislation since 1283. 

The White Paper is the first formal step in taking forward ownership of new tax powers resulting from the Wales Bill. It proposes the creation of a new corporate body, the Welsh Revenue Authority, that will be responsible for the collection and management of Welsh taxes.  

The consultation will seek views on how this new corporate body will operate and how the new tax administration function might be undertaken.  In establishing the right relationship, a Taxpayers’ Charter is also proposed, to clarify the expectations of both the Wales Revenue Authority and the Welsh Taxpayer.

Launching the consultation, the Minister said:

“Earlier today I had the opportunity to see historic tax documents held by the National Library of Wales that illustrated how taxes were raised in Wales over 700 years ago. This afternoon, I am outlining proposals for Welsh taxation in the 21st century.  

“This consultation seeks views to help us shape the new Welsh tax regime.  Our approach will be to encourage and support people in the payment of taxes, but I am also seeking views on arrangements to deter tax evasion and avoidance.  

“Next year we will introduce legislation that will be the first Welsh tax legislation of modern times. Uniquely for the Welsh Government and National Assembly we will have the ability to develop taxes that are based on fairness – and which reflect the needs, circumstances and priorities of the people of Wales.

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