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Housing and Homelessness “Critical” issue in Local Elections 2021

Homeless Link is launching a new campaign to raise the profile of homelessness in the forthcoming local elections in England.

On May 6 more than 4500 elections will take place for mayors, police & crime commissioners and local councillors. Homeless Link say that every single person who is elected will have some responsibility for housing and homelessness. We are working through our 850+ member organisations across the country to call on every candidate to sign the Everyone In For Good Pledge.

The pledge commits elected candidates to prioritising homelessness and working to end homelessness for good. Local members will be meeting with candidates and organising hustings in some areas.

Chief Executive of Homeless Link, Rick Henderson yesterday said:

“These are going to be very important elections as we emerge from the pandemic. Housing and homelessness in all its forms will be critical issues that must be debated. Homeless Link wants to ensure that the great work that was done to get all rough sleepers off the streets in the pandemic is built upon and we make real progress towards ending homelessness for good.

“Every local councillor, elected mayor or police commissioner has some responsibility for the policies and leadership that will be required to end homelessness. We hope that candidates will sign the pledge before the election and then work with our members to make real progress and campaign for long term funding from central government once they are elected.”


Channel website: http://www.homelesslink.org.uk

Original article link: https://www.homeless.org.uk/connect/news/2021/mar/25/housing-and-homelessness-%E2%80%9Ccritical%E2%80%9D-issue-in-local-elections-2021

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