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How can government make use of data to drive better public services?

On Monday, the Cabinet Office launched a new consultation on the use of data within the public sector. Specifically, the Government is looking for views on how data can be used to improve both public services and its own decision making.

techUK will be responding to this consultation through working with our members to gather views from across the industry.

The use of data within Government is a key issue for techUK, we believe that it is absolutely crucial for unlocking further efficiencies in the public sector as well as for delivering better services to citizens. The second point of our Three Point Plan for transforming public services, ‘Better Information’, specifically calls on Government to work with industry in order to develop the public sector’s grasp on its own information.

It is not just industry that recognises the importance of data within the delivery of public services. When we asked close to one thousand civil servants last year for their views on the use of tech in Government, those who worked in procurement or digital roles identified data analytics as the most important technology to help them become more efficient in their work.

techUK is a member of the Government’s Data Steering Group and we are delighted that the Cabinet Office has invited the wider data community to highlight their views on this important topic. We also looking forward to working with Government on the outcomes of the consultation, and ensuring that the UK is making the most use out of its data to improve citizens’ public services.

If you have views around this topic that you would like us to outline in our consultation response, please get in touch with Conor Murray, Programme Manager, Central Government.

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