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How to address the gender imbalance in early years education.

Gender equality in the workforce is a key driver of social mobility, with the focus for redressing gender balance often being on the lack of girls studying for careers in STEM related areas. There’s also a pressing need however, the redress the gender balance in early years teaching and learning in the opposite direction, as currently only 3% of those who teach 2-5 year olds are men.

Head teachers say more male role-models are needed for younger pupils and James Bowen, Head of the NAHT Edge section May 2018, shortly before voting in a motion for more male early years teachers, said:

“A diverse early-years workforce can help children, especially those from deprived backgrounds, to visualise their futures and fulfil their educational potential. It’s important for all children to experience positive male role models, and to understand that men can be interested in education, science or reading, just as much as in football.”

At this year’s AoC Conference, we’ll be running a workshop this issue on Wednesday 21 November, 14:45 – 15:55. Hosted by CACHE Director Julie Hyde, and Epping Forest College learner Jake Forecast, the session will explore the issues and how we can increase male participation in the early years sector.

Having been an integral part of the hugely important Save our Early Years campaign and with over 20 years’ experience in EYE, Julie is an expert in the sector and together with Jake’s insight as a current learner, they’ll give attendees practical advice on how to address the imbalance and discuss the benefits a more diverse early years workforce can bring.

Find out more about the AoC conference here.


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