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How to buy electronic tagging, tracking and monitoring software through CCS

Here at CCS, we are always looking at new ways to support our customers. A recent example of this has come from the launch of G-Cloud 12.

What you said

Our customer team has previously been asked about the availability of electronic tagging, tracking and monitoring software through our agreements as you can see below:

“Our current Electronic Tagging Management System is coming up for renewal, have you at CCS got a competitive route to market?”

“What electronic tagging suppliers do you have?”

“Is there an easy filtering system to help me find a supplier who best suits my electronic tagging requirements?”

“Are CCS able to help me in using the GCloud framework as I have never used it before?”

With the recent launch of G-Cloud 12, we now have a solution for you.

How can I find electronic tagging products?

Using a simple 6 step buying process, G-Cloud 12 offers you a quick and easy route to market for all of your tagging, tracking and monitoring software needs.

If you want to find out more information on procuring services under G-Cloud 12, we recently published an article containing everything you need to know about the agreement, including the simple 6 step buying process that you can follow.

What search terms should I use?

On the Digital Marketplace, when you reach step 2 of the buying process you are required to input your search terms, the best way to find tagging, tracking and monitoring software is to search for terms such as ‘offender + tagging’, ‘tagging + monitoring’, ‘offender + monitoring’ and ‘tracking + monitoring’.

Get in touch

If you want to find out more about procuring through G-Cloud, we run monthly webinars explaining how to use the framework. If you have any specific questions, complete our form and a member the team will get back to you to help with your requirements.

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