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How to tender for government contracts part 3: improving tender success

Steve O’Hare, Owner and Director at SCLO Consulting

In my previous two blogs, I focused on getting tender ready and tendering 101.

In my final blog, I want to focus on how you can improve your tenders and increase your chance of winning contracts.

Tendering is no cut-and-paste

If there is one thing I have learned from my time in this business, it is that every tender bid is different to the one before.

There may be similar processes to go through and certain formulas to be followed but if you don’t treat each one as a separate entity, you are sure to fail.

If you simply cut and paste and hope for the best, you’re pretty much guaranteed to fail.

Another way of failing is to give an answer that doesn’t actually answer the question that has been asked.

So, don't get distracted or go off on a tangent. Always stay focused and keep asking yourself: 'Is this what they want?’

Show your quality

Within that answer, and in such a competitive industry, it’s so important to show the quality in what you are doing and to get your key points across to meet the needs of the customers marking the tender.

Every company has a unique selling point and it is our job as a tender writer to illustrate what the organisations key values are and crucially, what enables your organisation to make a difference.

If you can align your values to the customers' requirements – truly align them – then you can produce a high-scoring bid.

Organisation is key

It is important to stay on top of things as you work your way through a tender, as well as ensuring you have a detailed plan and storyboard.

The buyer needs to get the best of your knowledge, understanding, subject matter and expertise to drive a high-quality model that brings the results they’re after.

For more guidance, watch our recent webinar – Improving Tender Success.

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