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Human rights: EU adopts conclusions on EU priorities at UN Human Rights Fora in 2020

The Council yesterday adopted conclusions on the priorities to be followed by the EU in United Nations human rights fora this year.

On the occasion of the year marking the 75th anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter, the Council conclusions reaffirm EU's commitment to the rule-based international order – human rights protection being an important part of it.

In its conclusions the Council restates its commitment to actively upholddefend and promote the UN Human Rights system as a priority of its external action throughout 2020. In particular the EU will continue to use all available tools to fulfil its commitments to human rights, including in the framework of the UN Human Rights Council, the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council and any other relevant fora, denouncing human rights violations and abuses globally.

The conclusions also point out that the EU will pay more attention to the link between human rights and the environment, as well as the consequences of digital technologies for the protection of human rights. The EU will also pursue its thematic human rights priorities, including opposition to the death penalty and torture, the promotion of accountabilityinternational humanitarian lawfundamental freedomsnon-discrimination, rights of children, and support for human rights defenders worldwide.

Council conclusions on EU priorities at UN human rights fora are adopted on a yearly basis. They set out the main lines of action for the EU at UN human rights fora in the following months.

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