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27 September 2018 | Blandine Cassou-Mounat

ICO discusses GDPR Strategy at the third European Data Protection Board Plenary meeting

ICO discusses GDPR Strategy at the third European Data Protection Board Plenary meeting

The ICO’s International Strategyhighlights the priority of the EU in the international data protection context. This week the UK’s Information Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners attended the third meeting of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB). This is the board created by the GDPR, gathering together Data Protection Authorities from across the European Union. As one of the biggest data protection authorities in Europe, the ICO is comprehensively involved in discussions of the Board on how to make the GDPR’s consistent application across Europe a reality.

Identifying the priority sectors and areas for enforcement of the GDPR are at the forefront of discussions at the Plenary of the EDPB. Cross border data protection is a key element. And the role that Data Protection Authorities should play in relation to major controllers, which operate across borders, is also important and recognised in the ICO’s International Strategy.

Since 25 May, when the GDPR came into effect, people in the UK have become more aware of their rights, leading to a significant increase of complaints to the ICO. 

The ICO has been fully involved in the process leading to the adoption of the GDPR. As we draw closer to a new stage in the relations between the EU and the UK, it is worth bearing in mind that data protection concerns do not begin and end at national borders. Interactions between the ICO and EU supervisory authorities is, and will continue to be, essential.

For example, the ICO’s report Democracy disrupted? Personal information and political influence published in July, shows how data protection authorities will continue to play a key global role in democratic, social and economic governance.

The ICO will maintain the already high standards of data protection in the UK after the UK leaves the EU based on the common data protection framework it shares with the rest of the EDPB. With this in mind, the ICO is proud to be an active and energetic partner of the EDPB. Please also find more information in the EDPB’s press release.

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