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IEA - The SNP has fallen down the temperance rabbit hole with its extreme clamp-down on alcohol marketing

Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, commented on the Scottish government’s consultation on restricting alcohol advertising and promotion 

“The Scottish government has been bewitched by the temperance lobby. After the disastrous failure of minimum pricing, it is doubling down with an extreme clamp-down on alcohol marketing. Since the Scottish government doesn’t have the power to ban TV and digital adverts, it will be domestic culture, media and sport that will pay the price. Scottish newspapers, sports teams and events like the Edinburgh Festival will see their revenues shrink.

The surest sign that Scottish politicians have fallen down the temperance rabbit hole is the ludicrous proposal to ban the display of alcohol products in shops. The SNP should spend less time trying to win awards from the incompetent World Health Organisation and more time dealing with the real problems Scotland faces.”

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Further action to reduce alcohol-related harm

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